Wiki Links Rock!

This is method I learned from George Brown and it absolutely genius! If you’d like to see his video on this method Click Here. Now of course these are affiliate links and he is going to try to sell you something (we’re all marketers here) but you don’t need to buy anything to get to the video. Just scroll to the bottom of the sales pages to move on to the video.

But here’s the method in a nutshell…

You find a Wikipedia page relevant to the product you’re promoting and you scroll down to the bottom of the page and add your link to the “External Links” listed at the bottom of the page. Presto!

Ok, not actually presto….

The problem with Wikipedia is that it is “monitored” by “ordinary people”… at least that’s how it’s advertised. The reality is that there is an army of Wiki-geeks out there and most of them seem to feel a real sense of ownership about the pages/articles they monitor and they will pretty quickly delete any blatant self serving commercial links. So instead of linking to your blog or a sales page, you should link to one of your Ezine articles as long as it is an information type article and not just a tease.

And… you’re better off not actually trying to pull this stunt on Wikipedia itself. But there are a million Wikis out there and many are dedicated to specific subjects. So your best bet is to track down a Wiki that is at least somewhat related to your market.

Here’s a site that will help you find Wikis that you can try this with: Wikia

You could also start your own wiki…

Ok so that’s the short version. I encourage you to check out George’s long version.

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