Adding Value to the Market Isn’t a Magic Trick

As marketers, we hear that a lot. You have to add value to the market… But what does that really mean?

I used to study magic. Sleight of hand was my favorite. And I’ll never forget the time I read in a cheezy free pamphlet these “directions” for making a coin vanish.

“Seemingly place coin in left hand, while retaining it in the right.”

Yeah, no shit. Believe it or not, I already knew that part. I just had to bust up laughing when I read that, it was so utterly useless and such a great example at the same time of “sucker” marketing.

My girlfriend asked me what was so funny and when I told her, we both laughed so hard that it became a thing we would say for those “no shit” moments. “Yeah, it’s a magic trick, I get it.”

So sometimes “adding value” seems like a magic trick. Sounds like a great idea, but how, exactly, do you pull it off?

Turns out that it is pretty easy. Here’s the big secret…

Honestly give a shit about what you’re doing.

Sounds easy, and it should be. But if you can’t bring the love, then shut up.

Yes, there is a process for sharing the love and you can learn part of it in The Challenge and more of it in other places like Challenge Plus. It’s all a well known and easily understood process and it’s not that hard to figure it out if you’re paying attention.

But don’t try to fake the love. It never fools anyone… especially you.

So generate some real enthusiasm and talk to people about what you know and love. People who are interested in the same stuff find each other. Put yourself out there on a consistent basis and share the love. Deserve to be the leader of your tribe.

So here’s a little bit of sleight of hand called The French Drop.

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