Marketing as Gardening




I have a friend who many would say is a master gardener. The landscaping around her home is magnificent and is always featured on local garden walks. It’s really stunning.

Many people are surprised to learn that she has done it all by herself, with no help from landscape architects or professional horticulturists.

As you can imagine, people are always asking her for her “secret” to creating such a vibrant and varied and exciting landscape and gardens. She always says the same thing: “Really, there is no secret. I take good care of the soil and I try everything I think might be good. Sometimes they thrive and I keep them, sometimes they die and it opens a space for me to try something else. I just keep trying different things.”

So there are our marketing lessons and our life lessons.

Tend to the soil first.

This would be market research, site building, list building  and all the technical and more or less mechanical aspects of internet marketing. Tend to your research and your SEO and promotion. Give your business fertile ground to grow in.

Then keep trying new things and keep what works and move on when something dies.

I think there is a beauty in that. The essence of successful gardening works as the essence of successful marketing… tend to the soil, try new things, keep what works.

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